Frequently Asked Questions

A BITSTAMPS' stamp is a digital collectible good which, thanks to blockchain technology, is identifiable in its uniqueness in the context of its issue.

The BITSTAMPS' stamp is not only an image, it is a stamp because through it it is possible to send electronic postcards also available on the platform.

For each issue the print run is specified, once sold out the stamps can no longer be purchased at their initial price. Soon the stamps purchased by users can be sold and bought together in the market.

Through the mobile application you can see all your stamps, with the certificate of ownership and the history for each of them.

Each stamp is guaranteed and traceable through the Ethereum public blockchain. It certifies the whole history of every single stamp issued in addition to the circulation declared on its announcement.

Through the BITSTAMPS application available on the Apple and Google platforms, you will be able to see the stamps on sale and the next releases.

Like any collector's item, it is the market that establishes what the values may be in the future. The print runs of the bitstamps vary according to the issue and it cannot be excluded that the more "rare" ones will be able to reevaluate even significantly over time.

At the moment this opportunity is not foreseen but it is not excluded that in the future it may be feasible. Meanwhile, you can decide to be notified before each new sale starts.